IT AMC Dubai, Annual maintenace contract

IT AMC Dubai

IT AMC Dubai, Annual maintenance services in dubai

What is IT AMC Services?

IT AMC Dubai or Annual Maintenance Contract is the contract between IT companies and their clients to provide IT support. They also offer other solutions like managed IT services and managed network solutions, which are ideal for companies who don’t have the budget to invest in their own resources but still want to get professional services of IT AMC.

IT AMC Services in Dubai

Every company in UAE aims to utilize resources to the maximum to achieve business goals. And this is only possible if you have a dedicated team of the AMC IT Support  and the technology infrastructure you have.

Managing your systems is very difficult when you and your team have work pressure. You will have breakdowns and issues in the software. That’s why IT AMC Contract comes in to eliminate your worries and, Let you focus on your main business goals.

IT Annual Maintenance Contract in dubai

There are two ways companies provide IT AMC Dubai

1. Remote IT Support

Remote IT support leverages remote access (or remote desktop) software to give IT technicians and help desk employees the ability to connect to a system to provide solutions remotely.

2. Onsite IT Support

With onsite IT support, you get the peace of mind that your servers are up and running. Plus, ongoing maintenance tasks, such as managing your firewall or updating virus protection software, are done for you.

The onsite IT engineers experts can offer a range of services, including:

IT support for network infrastructure and Computer amc contract, software, and applications Leasing, purchase, or sales of IT equipment

Why should you go for AMC Solutions?

If you are going to start a business or already own a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, UAE, one of the best investments is to invest in AMC of IT. You will save time and money by avoiding the headache caused by tech-related problems. You will be focused on growing your business.

IT support team will help you protect data, and software licenses, up and run the servers, Device connectivity, IP phone configuration & Management, and much more.

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The Cost for IT AMC depends on the area, number of users, and services they need to acquire. If you want to check our prices, fill out the quotation form, and we will send you the packages that VOIPBIRD offers.

We support our clients in all aspects Of technology without any time limit. Usually, it includes IT Procurement and rollouts, Networking & server management, IT infrastructure maintenance, IP phone configuration & management, CCTVs & access control management, Monitoring systems, Data backup, and protection, Cyber security protection, Website management & content upload, software licenses (Office 365, 3CX, etc.) renewal. And much more

We can reduce your operational cost by up to 75%, Yes! You heard it right. Hiring an IT professional will cost 5x more than the IT AMC. If your company operates in UAE, you must provide a visa to your employee Plus other mandatory benefits, and you will always have security concerns. Besides that, a person will be unable to solve all the problems, especially under work pressure.

  • You will hire a new IT engineer for every single matter, and sometimes it’s hard for them to respond if they are busy, and your precious time will be wasted. While in AMC, you have a dedicated IT support team who knows how to deal with the issues quickly and efficiently.
  • You can’t trust an individual IT engineer, especially if you have important data in your systems, but You can trust an AMC provider because they set strict rules for their employees to follow.
  • AMC providers will never compromise on quality as they plan to work for the long term, while others don’t have any concerns about quality. They work just to achieve their daily goals.

IT Team usually answer a ticket within 15 minutes, but sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes to respond during busy hours.

VOIPBIRD offers monthly, Quarterly, and yearly payment plans. A yearly plan is recommended because you get a discount.

Why VOIPBIRD IT Maintenance Services?


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