3CX Customized Dashboard

Experience the Next Level with a Fully Customized 3CX Dashboard, Crafted to Enhance Efficiency and Streamline Operations.

Amazing Features

The Live 3CX Dashboard is a powerful tool that provides real-time visibility into the performance and status of your 3CX phone system

Live Dashboard

The Live 3CX Dashboard with a user-friendly interface and customizable widgets

Team Management

The Dashboard empowers managers to optimize their team's performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Performance Booster

Allow you to monitor and boost Individual / Team performance by tracking inbound/outbound call data

How It Works?

The Dashboard works by using real-time data from your 3CX and presenting it in an easy-to-use interface.

Integrate With 3CX

Get real time data from your 3CX

Insert Users

Uploading your latest 3CX exported user list to the system

Enjoy Productivity

Enjoy and optimize your team's productivity in real time.

Our Special Features

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Tailor your 3CX dashboard to suit your unique requirements with our customizable solutions.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users to our flexible dashboard, tailored to your exact specifications.

Real Time Data

Real-time data with our tailored solutions, customized to meet your unique business needs.

Individual Performance

Enabling team leaders to effectively measure and optimize results for greater success.

100% Response Time

100% response time to meet your business's unique requirements.

Team Performance

Informed decisions, track progress, and achieve remarkable results with confidence.

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Support Given

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Clients Rating

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Money Saved

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Happy Clients

Lovely Customers

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

I can't praise the customized 3CX dashboard enough! It has revolutionized our communication system and made our workflow incredibly efficient.

Hussan Call Center

Choosing the customized 3CX dashboard was one of the best decisions we made for our company. The flexibility it offers is remarkable, allowing us to add unlimited users

Saleem Insurance Company

The 3CX customized dashboard is a dream come true for our organization. It has transformed the way we operate and collaborate internally. The ability to enjoy live performance insights of our call agents

Kapil Consultancy Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

3CX Customized Dashboard is a personalized and tailored interface that allows you to display and access specific information and metrics relevant to your business or team. It provides a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators (KPIs), call statistics, agent performance, and other data points crucial for monitoring and optimizing your communication system.

A 3CX Customized Dashboard offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced visibility: It provides real-time insights into call activity, call volumes, agent performance, and other metrics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and monitor the health of your communication system.

Improved productivity: With relevant information readily available on a single screen, your team can quickly access critical data, identify trends, and take prompt actions to enhance performance and efficiency.

Customized tracking: You can select and display the specific KPIs and metrics that align with your business objectives, allowing you to focus on the most relevant data for your organization.

Streamlined monitoring: A customized dashboard simplifies the process of monitoring multiple queues, agent activity, call recordings, and other vital aspects of your communication system, providing a centralized view for efficient management.

Customizing the dashboard involves selecting the desired widgets, arranging them in a layout that suits your needs, and configuring the data sources to display the relevant information.

Yes, you can access the customized dashboard remotely through a web browser.

Take control of your communications

Optimize your operations with a 3CX Customized dashboard tailored to your exact specifications. Limited Time Offer!